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Each day, I cry.
I cry a drop. I cry a cup. I cry a liter.
I cry because I see you. I cry because I hear you. I cry because I feel you.
I cry because of happiness. I cry because of sadness. I cry because of wonder.
I cry for me. I cry for you. I cry for everyone.
I cry because I exist and I cry because you do not.

I cry
because everything I am
because everything I have been
because everything I want to be
is forcing its way out
through the windows of my spirit
yearning to soothe my eyes
eyes that have been painfully dried
that have been carefully desiccated
that have been all but destroyed
because they refuse to not see the fires

The fires we burn in our bodies and our machines
The fires that built our civilization and now threaten to consume it
The fires that slowly destroy the world we call home
The fires of our lust, our gluttony, our greed
The fires of our wrath, our envy, our pride

I cry to quench these fires
but I can only cry teardrops

Have you ever seen a single drop quench the flame of even a mere candle?
Please, I will cry, but don’t make me cry alone.

Always feeling, sometimes writing.

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